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Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

About heavy-duty CNC lathes, there are vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. This CNC machine tools are mechatronics products that integrate multiple technologies such as machinery, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information. It is machining for mechanical manufacturing equipment with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility. It has a wide range of processing capabilities and can process straight cylinders, slanting cylinders, arcs and various threads. It has various compensation functions of linear interpolation and arc interpolation. It is also suitable for full-process processing of oversized shafts, holes, and disk parts, and has played a good economic result in the mass production of complex parts.

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Adopting the monolithic conjoined L structure of lathe bed is high and the stability is good.the two-shafts guide rail adopts the line rail from Taiwan HIWIN, the guide rail is larte,and the Z-axis guide adopts the HGH35HA overweight load slider,and the span is 324mm, The X axis gude adopts HGHCA weight slider, span 205mm, Adopt sleeve type main shaft,which is low temperature rise,high precision, easy maintenance, the spindle head form of the lathe is A-2-6,which has good waterproof performance and high rigidity,it is suitable for all kinds of power chucks. The lathe can be equipped with various digital control systems according to different users’ requirements, and the standard CNC system is the Guangzhou DIGITAL 988 TA or KNDK2000T,which is safe and reliable.
1. The spindle box adopts the classic manual two-gear structure, which is silent and stable; 2.The sliding surface of the machine tool guide rail is coated with plastic, and the frictional damping is small; 3.The machine tool has good processing consistency, can stably reach IT7-IT6 level accuracy, and the processing surface roughness can reach Ra1.6; 4.The overall structure of the machine tool is economical and practical, and the price is pleasant.
1.Max.swing diam. Over lathe 500mm. 2.Max. length of the work piece:1000mm,1500mm,2000mm. 3.Guide span: 420mm. 4.Height of the center 265mm.
The saddle adopts rectangular guide rail structure with high rigidity, high strength and high abrasion resistance,which greatly meets the requirements of heavy cutting stable grain and long service life.The hard track can realize the three -dimensional transformation of processing, and can achieve more complex and diverse component processing.
Due to the large contact area of the guide rail, the machine tool operation is more stable. It is suitable for machine tools with higher requirements for machine tool vibration, such as grinding machines.
Due to large gear(i=21),makes the speed range is larger, with large torque in medium-low-speed machine, gear has higher strength, and it is able to bear the larger impact due to the positive and negative moving, abrupt stop, and variable speed, variable speed can be realize from high, medium to low by a handle and it is easy to operate.
This series of CNC machine tools adopt two coordinates control. It has the advantages of good precision stability, strong rigidity, low noise and beautiful appearance. It can be used for automatic turning processing of various parts of the outer circle, inner circle, end face, cone and any cylindrical part as a pillars of any secondary curve .The machine is mainly used in automobiles, machinery, and abrasive industry.
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