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Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 1
Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 2
Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 3
Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 1
Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 2
Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 3

Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S

1.This heavy duty  lathe is a numerically-controlled frame machine.The spindle is geared by the headstock gear to get the high,medium and low three gears manual transmission.gears in the headstock adopt large transmission ration(i=21) the widening gear used can enlarge transmission torque when the machine in medium and low speed so that is able to withstand the larger impact. The lathe is grinded by numerical control guide rail, the headstock is produced by Japanese Divid horizontal processing, and the gears in the headstock are produced by CNC gear grinding machining.

2.The machine has high precision,low noise,good rigidity,convenient operation,etc.Suitable for the processing of all kinds of plate, sleeve,shaft,the internal and external tread,cone,sphere,etc.The machine is mainly used in automobiles, machinery, and abrasive industry.


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    Main performance

    1.Max.swing diam. Over lathe: 630mm

    2.Max.length of the work piece:3000mm

    3.Machining max.diameter on the bed body: 560mm

    4.Height of the centre: 315mm

    5.Spindle speed: H:1600-500r/min; M:760-190r/min; L:220-45r/min

    сверхмощный токарный станок с ЧПУ CK80S-4


    Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 5
    The machine has high precision,low noise,good rigidity,with good performance and low price.It should be widely used in machinery, hardware, cars, and abrasive industries.
    Numerically-controlled frame heavy duty CNC lathe CK56S 6
    The machine drive by the motor,through the gears in the headstock,the spindle can make the speed regulation from high,medium and low-grade steplessly.

    Main Specification

    Model of lathe CK56S
    Main specifications Max.swing diam.over lathe 630mm
    Max.length of the work piece 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm
    Processing range Height of the center 315mm
    Max.diam. on the bed body 560mm
    Max.length processing 900mm 1400mm 1900mm 2900mm
    Max.diam. on the drag plate 410mm
    Spindle Spindle bore 86mm
    Spindle head collect taper 1:20  Ø90mm
    Spindle speed H:1600-500r/min
    Turret Max.longitudinal travel of turret 1000mm,1500mm,2000mm,3000mm
    Max.transverse travel of turret 300mm
    Max.Longitudinal feed speed 6000mm/min
    Max.transverse feed speed 3000mm/min
    Station number of the turret 4  station
    Section size of the turret 25 x 25m㎡
    The dimension from the center line of the spindle to the supporting surface of the turret 25mm
    Tailstock Cone of the tailstock quill MT5
    Max.stoke of the tailstock quill 150mm
    Max.transverse movement ±15mm
    Motor Main  motor power 7.5kw
    The longitudinal(Z direction)servo motor  motor power 1.5kw
    The transverse(X direction) servo motor power 1.2kw
    Model of cooling pump AYB-20  0.115KW
    Model of turret LD4
    Main drive belt 6-spz2437
    Machine dimension(L x W x H) 1000mm 2500mm x 1400mm x 1550mm
    1500mm 3000mm x 1400mm x 1550mm
    2000mm 3500mm x 1400mm x 1550mm
    3500mm 4500mm x 1400mm x 1550mm
    Net weight 1000mm 2400kg
    1500mm 2600kg
    2000mm 2900kg
    3500mm 3400kg
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