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CNC Cutting Tools

Characteristics of CNC machine tool tools:
1) It has good and stable cutting performance. The tool has good rigidity and high precision, and can perform high-speed cutting and powerful cutting.
2) Tools have a high service life. Tools use a large number of carbide materials or high-performance materials (such as ceramic blades, cubic boron nitride blades, diamond composite blades and coated blades, etc.). High-speed steel tools mostly use high-cobalt materials. , high-vanadium, aluminum-containing high-performance high-speed steel and powder metallurgy high-speed steel).
3) The cutting tools (blade) have good interchangeability and can be quickly changed. The cutting tools can be replaced automatically and quickly, shortening the auxiliary time.
4) The tool has higher precision. The tool is suitable for processing higher-precision workpieces, especially when indexable inserts are used.
The tool body and blade have high repeatability positioning accuracy, so good processing quality can be obtained.
5) The tool has reliable chip rolling and chip breaking performance. CNC machine tools cannot be stopped at will to process chips. Long chips that appear during processing will affect the operator's safety and processing efficiency.
6) The tool has the function of adjusting the size. The tool can be pre-adjusted (tool setting) outside the machine or compensated in the machine to reduce the tool change and adjustment time.
7) Tools can achieve serialization, standardization and modularization. Tool serialization, standardization and modularization are beneficial to programming, tool management and cost reduction.
8) Multifunctional compounding and specialization.

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