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Bar Feeder

Bar feeding automation works for manufacturers making turned parts in volume. Most CNC lathes, screw machines and Swiss-style turning machines can accept a bar feeder.Applications include hydraulic components, couplings, specialty washers, nuts, bolts and screws — as well as watch and machine parts.
Add an auto bar feeder to a CNC lathe, and there’s no need for an operator to unload and load. The turned piece is parted-off and a new length of stock is fed into the machine. Repeat. One operator now tends multiple machines. Productivity rises while costs fall. If cycle times are lengthy and the bars are long, a lathe can produce parts through breaks. With a magazine-style bar feeder loaded with multiple bars, turning can continue through the night, which boosts your bottom line.
Diversified specifications, suitable for a variety of plate materials, using advanced CNC systems, high processing accuracy, stability, automated production, and reduced labor costs.

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