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Lathe Machine Accessories

Lathe machine accessories including more different kinds accessories for CNC machines, we mostly make below models for the customer. 
1.Tool holders for CNC lathe machine and for CNC machining center mostly for static tool holders and rotary tool holders,The rotary tool holder can be used on any CNC machine tool and Swiss slitting lathe (core machine) to process hexagonal screws or other lathes. The rotary broach tool holder has an internal movable spindle for holding polygonal tools.
2.Bar feeders for cnc lathe machine tools,A bar feeder or bar feed is an optional piece of support equipment that allows bar stock to be automatically loaded into a CNC lathe. greatly increasing productivity. The feeder is attached to the head stock with a lathe adapter and filled with bars that are then moved through into the work area. details in catalog 
3.Cutting tools, CNC tools refer to the general term for various tools used in conjunction with CNC machine tools (CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC boring and milling machines, machining centers, automatic lines and flexible manufacturing systems).details in cutting tool catalog.

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SOUTH lathe is a professional CNC machine manufacturer of turning-milling drilling, tapping and carving combined machine tool.

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