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Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 1
Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 2
Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 3
Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 1
Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 2
Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z 3

Heavy cutting series of disc parts CNC lathe CN-SP70D,CN-SP70Z

Main performance

1.Max.swing diam. Of the workpiece 730mm

2.Max.length of the workpiece:460mm or 800mm

3.Spindle bore 105mm


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    1.Heavy cutting series of disc parts(without tail seat)

    2.Z axis of the machine tool adopts broaden double triangle sliding rail,guide rail width 550, ball screw of Z axis in the middle,foots of the lathe are integral foots,ensure the machine has enough rigidity and accuracy stability.

    3.Front box adopts independent spindle structure,choose servo motor drive,low noise,big cutting power.there is an optional with automatic gear shift in the spindle box,effective for heavy cutting torque.

    4.Z,X guide are through hardening processing,machine adopts the automatic centralized lubrication,guide rail uses the fully closed structure,raise the service life of the machine tool largely.

    5.This heavy duty lathe is specially suitable for processing plates and set of parts , the accuracy of CNC lathe machining is higher than traditional flat rail one and processing high precision and good stable accuracy.





    Main specifications

    Model CN-SP70D CN-SP70Z
    Main spec Max. Swing diam.of the workpiece 730mm
    The guide rail span 550mm
    Capacity Max machining diameter on bed 700mm
    Max machining diameter on slider 630mm
    Max.diam.of the bar can through the spindle hole 102mm
    Max length of the workpiece 460mm/option 800mm
    Spindle Spindle bore diameter 105mm
    Spindle head collect taper

    1:20  Ø115mm

    Connection of the spindle


    Range of spindle speed

    Continuously speed regulation 100-1000r/min

    Automatic three gear  21.5-1000r/min




    Turret Max. travel of turret on Z axis 480mm/option 820mm
    Max. transverse travel of turret  450mm
    Rapid move speed on Z axis 8000mm/min
    Rapid move speed on X axis 6000mm/min
    Turret positions  4 standing station
    Turret size 32×32mm
    Distance between spindle center to the support surface 32mm
    Mouting holes of drilling,boring MT4(option)
    NC turret LD4B-CK6163
    Motor Main motor power 11 KW servo motor
    Torque of Z axis motor 15 N.m
    Torque of X axis motor 6 N.m
    Outline dimensions 460mm 3055.5mm x 1812.5mm x 1729.5 mm
    800mm 3055.5mm x 1812.5mm x 1729.5 mm
    Net weight 460mm  3000 kg 3200kg
    800mm 3300kg 3500kg


    Machine inspection precision

    Inspection item China Standard Factory standard
    Machining precision IT7 IT7
    Machining work piece roundness 0.005mm/φ50mm 0.004mm/φ50mm
    Machining work piece cylindricity 0.03mm / 300mm 0.02mm / 200mm
    Machining work piece planeness 0.025mm/φ300mm 0.015mm/φ200mm
    Machining work piece surfaceness Ra2.5μm Ra2.0μm
    Position precision X-axis 0.03mm X-axis 0.024mm
    Z-axis 0.04mm Z-axis 0.032mm
    Re-position X-axis 0.012mm X-axis 0.01mm
    Z-axis 0.016mm Z-axis 0.012mm


    Machine configuration

    Accessories Name Specifications Model Manufacturer Remark
    CNC GSK980 GSK  
    The main motor 5.5 KW spindle servo motor China Beijin CBT  
    X-axis motor 10N.m GSK  
    Z-axis motor 6N.m GSK  
    Spindle bearing P4 China famous Ha-axis bearing  
    Spindle 52mm Southern Machine  
    Turret Vertical 4 positions turret auto LD81 HTC  
    X-axis ball screw C3 Bot / Han River  
    Z-axis ball screw C3 Bot / Han River  
    Screw bearings for X-axis ball screw P4 Harbin/Luo axis research  
    Screw bearings for Z-axis ball screw P4 Harbin/Luo axis research  
    Three-color light Three color flashing ONN  
    The key electrical components Relay/Contactor Japan’s Izumi/Switzerland ABB/Schneider  

    420mm swing over bed CNC lathe –650mm machining length-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

    The standard machine tool accessories:

    No. accessory name Model Specifications Quantity Remark
    1 Adjust the horn and bolts CN-SP70D 1 South brand
    2 Pan tools China brand 1 Three gulls
    3 Screw tools China brand 1 China brand
    4 Chuck Manual jaw chuck diameter Φ200 1 China brand


    Technical data:

    No. Technical data Name Copies Remark
    1 Manual machine tool (machine)—mechanic and electric 1  
    2 Certificate 1  
    3 Precision inspection 1  
    4 Packing List 1  
    5 Manual user operation for controller 1  
    6 Controller system operation manual 1  
    7 Electric diagram 1  
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