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Adopt the structure of Y-axis power cutter tower,with a wide machining range(the maximum machining diameter can be up to 320mm;greatly improve the process flexibility;high power head speed(up to 4,000 rotations in a continuous 24h),greatly improve the processing efficiency of the unit output.
To guarantee the stalility of the auto lathe machine tool quality, the CNC auto lathe machine body and configuration assembly adopt the unified accessories(change cutter holder,power head or tool turret on the cutter bed plate),the machine tool has simple and reasonable structure,and is used conveniently. Purpose or Automatic Lathe Machine tool design:High-stability,high-speed and high-standard machine tool is the only purpose,and turning product surface has special highlights(turning special lighting)and cutter grains find and smooth,reaching the state of no grain which is invisible with the naked eyes,The stability of machine tool enables the cutter to become oviously durable,and the damage to the cutting edge slows down,The machine tools is designed with the principle of imported machine tool.
This machine is especially suitable for processing shaft, pipe and disc parts, with the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good finish, and stability of the size consistency, etc.
This machine is especially suitable for processing shaft, pipe and disc parts, with the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good finish, and stability of the size consistency, etc.
1. Max. Turning diameter on the bed: 500mm 2. Max. Turning length:1080mm 3. Max. Turning diameter:230mm 4. X/Z axis repeat position accuracy:±0.0025/±0.005 5. Spindle speed range:35-4000r/min
1. Swing over lathe diameter 500mm 2. Spindle speed up to 35-4000r/min
1.The main transmission adopts "gear type automatic transmission+A2-6 independent spindle"structure,can adapt to hard cutting,strong cutting,heavy cutting and other processing methods; 2.Using the knife tower tail seat structure,the machining shaft parts have a wide size range (the maximum processing range diameter 340mm X length 400~1050mm),greatly improve the processing flexibility; 3.The machine tool base is optimized by finite element analysis and has better rigidity; 4.The X and Z axis adopt the pre-stretched structure,which reduces the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy,and improves the rigidity; 5.This model is especially suitable for processing materials high hardness,large margin,diameter 100mmdisc,shaft parts;with high cutting efficiency,accuracy and stability advantages; 6.The X/Z axis adopts roller guide rail, strong rigidity,iron cut such as mud.
1.This machine tool adopts a direct drive turret with a built-in 8.5 kw powre motor, a maximum speed of 8000r/min,and no bevel gear transmission mechanism, which greatly reduces the impact of thermal variables on processing diensions. 2.Equipped with 16 or 12 stations BMT55 power turret, each station can be installed living tools . 3.Can achieve four axis linkage function.
1.One piece casting base and slanting best keep good stable machine performance. 2.Taiwan SYNTEC22TA controller 3.Adopting the monolithic conjoined L structre of lathe bed. 4.Can process stainless steel,titanum alloy, high temperature alloy materials. 5.The machine has good performance high precision,low noise, new style,etc.
Adopting the monolithic conjoined L structure of lathe bed,the rigidity of the bed is high and the stability is good. The two-shafts guide rail adopts the line rail from Taiwan Shangyin, the guide rail is large, and the z-axis guide adopts the HGH35HA overweight load slider, and the span is 324mm. The X axis guide adopts HGH30CA weight slider, span 205mm. Adopt sleeve type main shaft, which is low temperature rise, high precision, easy maintenance. The spindle head form of the lathe is A2-6, which has good waterproof performance and high rigidity. It is suitable for all kinds of power chucks.
●The tool holder structure is further optimized and the rigidity is increased by more than 20%; ● The spindle clamping force has been further improved to meet heavy cutting processing; ● The structure on the side of the secondary shaft is further strengthened to further improve the tool life; the screw rod is thickened to 25mm; ● The X2 and Z2 axis rapid traverse speeds are increased from 32 to 36m/s, making the efficiency higher.
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