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Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 1
Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 2
Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 3
Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 1
Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 2
Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 3

Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52

1. Swing over lathe diameter 500mm

2. Max. turning length 350mm

3. One piece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

4. Maximum bar material diameter 51mm

5.Spindle model A2-6


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     ● Taiwan SYNTEC22TA controller 

    Adopting the monolithic conjoined L structure of lathe bed

    Can process stainless steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy materials.

    The machine has good performance high precision, low noise, new style, 



    Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 4
    Fully automatic feeder (servo feeding)
    Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 5
    Automatic material receiving hand + conveyor belt

    Main Specification

    Model of lathe CK52
     Machining capacity Max. swing diam. over lathe Ø500mm
    Max. turning length 350mm
    Max.rotation diameter of tool table Ø160mm
    Maximum bar material diameter Ø51
    Spindle Spindle model A2-6
    Max. Spindle speed max.4200r/min
    Setting spindle speed 1-3500 rpm
    X/Z axis feeding X-axis maximum travel 1000 mm
    Z-axis maximum travel 400mm
    X/Z axis max. fast travel speed 24m/min 
    X/Z axis C3 grade screw 32mm
    X/Z axis Roller P4-level linear rail 35mm
    Turret tools Number of tools 8
    Static Tools dimension 20x20 mm
    Boring tools Ø20
    Motor Main motor power SYNTEC 9.5kw
    Spindle motor torque Rated 60 N.M
    X/Z axis motor power SYNTEC2.4KW or YASKAWAI1.3KW
    X/Z axis motor torque SYNTEC 11.5 N.M or YASKAWAI 8.39 N.M
    Other items Slanting bed degree 35 degrees
    Machine L x W x H 2100 x1580 x 1800 mm
    Machine net weight 2600 kg
    Total horse 13 KW
    average power consumption 2kw/h

    Machine precision specification

    Main inspection items Detection method factory standard
    Spindle radial run-out Detect run-out of outer cone 0.0025
    X-axis repeat position Detect repeated positioning of the X-axis. Note: First predict about 50 times to offset the error of the cold engine and hot engine, and then detect the repeated positioning. 0.0025
    Z-axis repeat position Detect repeated positioning on the Z axis. Note: First predict about 50 times to offset the error of the cold engine and hot engine, and then detect the repeated positioning. 0.0025
    If the customer wants to test the ISO or VD1 accuracy of X/Z/Y axis, it shall be determined at the time of writing the contract. The customer must test this item at the same time of the initial acceptance of South Factory.

    Configuration standard accessories

    Name Specification Brand
    NC controller SYNTEC 22TA ,crystal panel10.4inches Taiwan  SYNTEC
    X/Z axis servo driver Standard setting SYNTEC2.4KW (optional:YASKAWAI 1.3kw),X-axis motor with brake China
    X/Z-axis screw C3 grade futures grinding screw with double nut. One end is blind threaded. Taiwan PMI or Hiwin
    X/Z-axis linear guild way Roller P-level linear rail Taiwan HIWIN OR PMI
    Spindle Standard, Taiwan POSA Taiwan POSA
    Spindle motor Standard,Beijing CBT Beijing CBT
    Rotary cylinder High speed rotary cylinder Made in China
    One piece casting base The bed and base are all made of resin sand and cast in one piece, without adding cement. The internal stress removal method of the cast iron is completely vibrated/fully annealed/insulated/aging, and then placed for a period of time after finishing and then tested to pass the test. Made in china
    Lubrication Japan Valley brand lubricating oil pump (joint venture) Made in China Foshan
    Hydraulic unit Guangzhou ZhanPing hydraulic station Made in China
    Cooling pump Volume:1000 x 540 x 100,Water pump power 250w Made in China
    Machine metal cover The outer cover is made of national standard thick 2.0-0.03mm cold plate Made in China
    Processing blow valve Install 2 Air TAC solenoid valves to prepare for air blowing. The system controls the air blowing to realize the processing air blowing function. Taiwan
    Electrical distribution box cooling Use copper tubes (durable) to install environmentally friendly heat transfer media heat exchanges to cool down the circulation in the electrical box and keep it clean. Made in China
    Electrical components Schneider Electrical components Made in China
    Oil mist separator Separate part of the gas and liquid (or oil) in the mist JFS
    power cable 5 meters cable, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance Made in China

    Standard Accessories with machine 

    Item Name Specification Quantity Remark
    1 Flexible collet   1 pcs  
    2 Flexible chuck pull rod   1PCS  
    3 Foot switch Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 6 1PCS  
    4 Allen wrench Slanting bed CNC machining center CK52 7 1 set  

    Technical data with the machine 

    item name specification quantity remark
    1 Packing list   1set in accessories box
    2 Lathe control and program USB disk manual   1 pcs in accessories box
    3 Circuit digram   1set in accessories box
    4 Servo driver user manual   1set in accessories box
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