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SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 1
SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 2
SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 1
SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 2

SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1

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Product Overview

The SOUTH Lathe CNC Tool Holder-1 is manufactured under global market standards and is widely used and appreciated for its quality and cost-effectiveness.

SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 3
SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 4

Product Features

The CNC tool holder has a maximum speed of 5000 RPM, a diameter of 2-16mm, and a weight of 6.4 kgs. It also has precision inner collect hole run-out less than 0.01mm and includes a coolant supply through the tool holder.

Product Value

The product offers the best quality, is economical, provides longer tool-life, and has a lower cost possible.

SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 5
SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 6

Product Advantages

The CNC tool holder is of high precision, with a collect type of outer diameter locking and is suitable for a range of CNC machining processes. It also comes with various surface treatment options and is backed by a reliable delivery and service guarantee.

Application Scenarios

The product is suitable for use in CNC machining, CNC lathe, cleaning edge, grinding, surface treatment, and coloring. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of clients and partners from various industries.

SOUTH Lathe Cnc Tool Holder-1 7
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