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What are the precautions for tool setting on CNC lathes?

When operating a CNC lathe, you should first pay attention to how to set the tool. Otherwise, the tool will collide during processing, and the machine tool safety plate will be seriously damaged. The tool setting method is as follows:

1. The tool setting operation process is as follows. First, carve a cylindrical shape on the machine tool. The extended length is slightly longer than the actual processed part. If you want to cut, leave the width of the cutting knife. At this time, the machine tool returns to the origin position.

2. Call up the program of the part to be processed, and then call out the subprogram where the tool number is located. If it is tool No. 5, set its correction parameter to 0 first. At this time, use a single program to start, that is, start once and run one step. Program.

 3. when running to the 0 o'clock position of No. 5 tool, the machine chuck rotates, the machine tool is set to manual operation, moves No. 5 tool, and when No. 5 tool touches the cylindrical end face, enter MZ0.00 in the correction number of No. 5 tool , then the tool moves backward, from the side to the cylinder. When the tool tip touches the outer longitude of the cylinder, enter the diameter of the cylinder in the correction number of tool No. 5. If it is 10.32, enter MX10.32. At this time, move the tool out , return the X-axis and Z-axis to their origins. The No. 5 tool is basically aligned.

4. In actual machining, there is an error between the size of the part processed by No. 5 tool and the drawing size. At this time, tool compensation is required. For example, if the outer diameter is 0.05 larger and the length is 0.1 longer, you have to make corrections with No. 5 tool. Enter U-0.05 and W-0.1 respectively on the number, then the No. 5 knife is really correct.

5. Pay special attention to it. If the tool is worn and the machining dimensions are out of tolerance, tool compensation must be performed. Pay special attention to this.

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