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Manual lathe C6132D/6232D 1
Manual lathe C6132D/6232D 1

Manual lathe C6132D/6232D

1 .Manual carrier lathe-spindle trough hole 48mm diameter.

2. Swinging over bed 350mm

3 .Max.length of machining work piece 750mm,1000mm, 1500mm

4. Max.Z-axis travel of tools supporter 630mm,880mm, 1380mm

5. Max.X-axis travel of tools supporter 220mm

6 .Range of spindle speed 25-1600r/min 12 grade

7. The guild way in bed for harness over HRC52 degrees,it is machining finished by high precision CNC grinding machine, the base and machine bed is high precision finished machining.

8. The spindle case and machine bed and so on is finished machining by Spain CNC machining center,it keeps the high precision.

9. The belt gear is finished machining by CNC gear grinding machine and test by noise.lower noise and high precision for the gear.


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    Main performance(C6232D-1000)
    1. Swing over bed diameter 350mm
    2. Max. machining length up to 1000mm
    3. Max. swing over bed diameter 520mm on saddle place
    4. Strong performance for the casting base
    5. Distance between the hard rails up 320mm
    6. Machining precision is IT8
    7. Machining work piece roundness is not exceeding 0.01mm,
    8. Machining work piece plainness is not exceeding 0.013mm/Ø200mm
    9. Surfaceness(Ra) is not exceeding 2.8um
    10. Machining diameter consistency is not exceeding 0.018mm/300mm
    11. The machine has high precision, low noise, good rigidity, new style, etc

    350mm swing over bed saddle manual lathe–1000mm machining length-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

    Main Specification


    Swinging over bed350mm
    Max length of machining work piece1000mm
    Width of guide on bed320mm
    Max machining diameter on tool carrier190mm
    Max. Z-axis travel of tools supporter880mm
    Max. X-axis travel of tools supporter220mm
    Bore through material diameterØ45mm
    Max. swinging diameter on saddle520mm
    Max. machining Length with transition plate200mm
    SpindleSpindle Center height175mm
    Spindle connectionC6
    Spindle bore diameterØ46mm
    Taper of spindle boreMT6
    Range of spindle speed25-1600r/min 12 grades
    TailstockTaper of top sleeveMT4
    Tail stock sleeve max travel130mm
    Tail stock horizontal max travel±10mm
    Screw threadsThreads metric pitches0.45-20mm/r 30 models
    Threads inch pitches80-1-3/4n/1” 35 models
    Threads modulo pitches0.25-10mm 25 models
    Threads diametral pitches160-3-1/2 DP 30 models

    Spindle motor modelYD132M-8/4-B5 3/4.5 kw

    Main drive belt model & spec4-A-1900mm, 4-A-2000mm
    MotorMain motor3 / 4.5 KW
    Main motor speed 50Hz1500 r/min
    Cooler pump motor90W
    Overall dimension(L x W x H)1000 mm2200mmx950mmx1200mm
    Net weight
    1450 kg

    Precision standard


    Inspection itemChina standardFactory standard
    Machining precisionIT8IT8
    Precision of machining work piece roundness0.007mm0.006mm
    Precision of machining work piece cylindricity0.015mm/Ф300mm0.013mm/Ф200mm
    Machining work piece surfacenessRa3.2μmRa2.8μm
    Machining work piece planeness0.02mm / 300mm0.018mm / 300mm

    350mm swing over bed saddle manual lathe–1000mm machining length-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

    Configuration standard accessories

    Main motor3 KW Three-phase asynchronous motorMade in china
    Spindle bearingPrecision grade5Made in china
    X -axis ball screw
    Made in china
    Z- axis ball screw

    Manual chuck8 inches(3 Jaws chuck 200mm)Made in china
    Electrical components
    Made in china

    Standard accessories:

    1A set of lighting
    1 set
    2Cooling system32A-100011 set
    3Adjustable mount3#6 set
    43 Jaws chuckKZ2001 set
    53 Jaws chuck transit plate32D-097011 set
    6TailstockD1141 set
    7Tailstock quillP326*41 set
    8Double head spanner12×14 S91-11 set
    9Double head spanner17×19 S91-11 set
    10Double head spanner12×24 S91-11 set
    11Single head spanner30 S91-21 set
    12Square box spanner12 S92-31 set
    13Slotted nut single-end spanner38-42 S93-11 set
    14Slotted nut single-end spanner45-52 S93-11 set
    15Slotted nut single-end spanner100-110 S93-11 set
    16Slotted nut single-end spanner115-130 S93-11 set
    17inner hexagon spanner5 S91-71 set
    18inner hexagon spanner6 S91-71 set
    19inner hexagon spanner8 S91-71 set
    20inner hexagon spanner10 S91-71 set
    21Screwdriver1501 set
    22Oil gunYQ1001 set
    23Foot boltM16×400;GB799-768 set
    24NutM16;GB52-768 set
    25Washer16;GB97-768 set
    26Triangle belt32A a model 19004 set
    27Brake block32A-010412 set
    29Brake wireØ2.8*12501 set

    Technical date:

    1.Machine user manual1 set
    2.Machine certification1 set
    3.Packing list1 set

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