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Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 1
Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 2
Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 3
Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 1
Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 2
Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 3

Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2

1. Maximum swing diameter on the bed body:500mm

2. Maximum processing workpiece length:1050mm

3. Spindle through hole diameter:φ62mm

4. The highest speed of the main shaft:4000 r/min(3000 r/min Factory setting)

5. Spindle motor power:15/11 kW


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    1. The main transmission adopts "gear type automatic transmission+A2-6 independent spindle"structure,can adapt to hard cutting,strong cutting,heavy cutting and other processing methods;

    2. Using the knife tower tail seat structure,the machining shaft parts have a wide size range (the maximum processing range diameter 340mm X length 400~1050mm),greatly improve the processing flexibility;

    3. The machine tool base is optimized by finite element analysis and has better rigidity;

    4. The X and Z axis adopt the pre-stretched structure,which reduces the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy,and improves the rigidity. 



    Light duty CNC lathe CKS52B,CKS52B-2 5
    This model is especially suitable for processing materials high hardness,large margin,diameter 100mmdisc,shaft parts;with high cutting efficiency,accuracy and stability advantages.
     The X/Z axis adopts roller guide rail,strong rigidity,iron cut such as mud.

    Main Specification

    Model of lathe CKS 52B(Independet spindle) CKS 52B(Automatic gear change)


    Main specifications

    Max. swing diam. over bed 500mm

    Man-machine loading and unloading height




    Processing range

    Max. processing workpiece length 250mm,400,700,1050mm
    Max. Turning diameter(disk type) 280mm
    Max. Turning diameter(shaft type) 340mm
    Diameter of the bar






    Working accuracy


    Processing roughness

    ≤Ra1.25 μm

    X/Z axle repeat position accuracy


    X/Z axle position accuracy









    Spindle nose end type


    Card plate specifications

    Hydraulic 8 inch

    Spindle through hole diameter


    The highest speed of the main shaft

    4000 r/min

    (3000 r/min Factory setting)

    Automatic three gear

    35~2500 r/min  

      H:145~2500 r/min

    M:78~845 r/min

    L:35~734 r/min

    Range of spindle speeds

    Spindle motor power

    15/11 kW

    11/7.5 kW




    Feed shaft performance

    X-axis effective travel


    Z-axis effective travel

    310 mm,460 mm,760mm,1110 mm

    X, Z axle rapid movement speed

    20 m/min,24m/min

    X axis servo motor 15N.m
    X axis servo motor 10N.m




    Tail stock performance


    The tailstock sleeve diameter 60mm
    Travel of tail stock sleeve 110mm

    Tail seat sleeve specifications


    The way the rear seat moves

    Saddle seat drive




    Turret performance

    Type of the turret

    Servo 12(420mm)

    External circular cutting tool 25 x 25 mm
    Boring blade diameter  Ø32mm
    The turret could be swapped or not   Yes



    Bed body structure form

    Integrated casting 45°

    Lubrication form




    Machine dimension(L x  W x H)


    2715mm x 1647mm x 1677mm


    2865mm x 1647mm x 1677mm


    3165mm x 1647mm x 1677mm


    3515mm x 1647mm x 1677mm
    Weight 2900kg,3100kg,3300kg,3400kg 3100kg,3300kg,3500kg,3600kg
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