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cnc multi axis turning milling center 1
cnc multi axis turning milling center 2
cnc multi axis turning milling center 3
cnc multi axis turning milling center 4
cnc multi axis turning milling center 5
cnc multi axis turning milling center 6
cnc multi axis turning milling center 1
cnc multi axis turning milling center 2
cnc multi axis turning milling center 3
cnc multi axis turning milling center 4
cnc multi axis turning milling center 5
cnc multi axis turning milling center 6

cnc multi axis turning milling center

1.Swing over lathe diameter 600mm.

2.Max. turning length 400mm.

3.Maximum bar material diameter 45mm.

4.Spindle model A2-5.

5.Spindle bore 56mm.

6.Max.spindle speed 4200r/min.


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    The lathe is a very important metal cutting machine tool, occupy 30%-50% of the total number of machine tools. It is a machine tool used for turning processing. According to their different application and structures, they can be divided into various types of lathes, automatic lathe,manual lathe machine,turret lathe,horizontal lathe,floor lathe,copied lathe.

    Characteristics of lathe processing:
    1) Lathe processing range is very wide, but it is mainly used for various internal and external rotating surfaces and the processing of its end face;
    2) The main movement of lathe processing is the rotational movement of the workpiece, and the feed movement is the longitudinal and transverse movement of the tool;
    3) Lathe uses cutting tools to remove materials from workpieces, with high precision and precision.
    4) Smooth surface smoothness. This is because the cutting process does not involve any sharp edges or serrated movements, resulting in a consistent and smooth surface finish on the workpiece.


    cnc multi axis turning milling center 7

    South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited is located in the beautiful city of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. We integrate manufacturing design, invention, and sales as a whole. Our main products include metal lathe machine,flat bed economic CNC lathe machine,mini lathe machine,CNC lathe machining center and customized machine,slight slanting bed CNC lathe machine, etc. We can provide OEM design and ODM services for any customer from around the world.

    Built a good reputation within a few years and established numerous business relationships with different clients around the world. The limited company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to the market, meeting the needs and requirements of customers, exceeding their expectations, and promoting the development of the international market. We also have a batch of new large-scale processing equipment, such as CNC grinding machine centers and grinding machines with CNC guide rails. Imported 5-axis CNC longitudinal and transverse machining centers and gear noise detection equipment from Spain. After years of development, the company can produce CNC lathes, manual lathes, etc., with an annual sales of about 10000 units.

    In the past few years, we have ensured the flow of several production lines from different countries. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, inventing, and one-stop procurement solutions. Our products have been sold to Europe, America, United States of America,Guyana,Canada,New Caledonia,Europa Island and other places.


    cnc multi axis turning milling center 8

    Product Name cnc multi axis turning milling center
    Brand Name Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools
    Place of Origin Guangzhou, China
    Certification CE ISO9001
    Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
    CNC or Not Yes
    Packaging Details WOODEN CASE
    Main motor 5.5 KW
    Cooler pump motor 90W
    Export regions and countries



    Packing Size(cm) 218*193*229
    Key Selling Points Low Maintenance Cost
    Machining Capacity Medium Duty
    Weight (KG) 3176
    Warranty 1 Year
    Applicable Industries Mining Machinery plant,Power Station,Machinery Repair Shops
    Marketing Type Hot Product
    Machinery Test Report Provided
    Video outgoing-inspection Provided
    Voltage 110/V220V/380V
    After-sales Service Provided Online Support
    Precision High Precision Machine
    Supply Ability 20 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)


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    SOUTH lathe is a professional CNC machine manufacturer of turning-milling drilling, tapping and carving combined machine tool.

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