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The lathe is a very important metal cutting machine tool, occupy 30%-50% of the total number of machine tools. It is a machine tool used for turning processing. According to their different application and structures, they can be divided into various types of lathes, floor lathe,turret lathe,manual lathe machine,vertical lathe,automatic lathe,copied lathe.

Characteristics of lathe processing:
1) Lathe processing range is very wide, but it is mainly used for various internal and external rotating surfaces and the processing of its end face;
2) The main movement of lathe processing is the rotational movement of the workpiece, and the feed movement is the longitudinal and transverse movement of the tool;
3) Lathe uses cutting tools to remove materials from workpieces, with high precision and precision.
4) Smooth surface smoothness. This is because the cutting process does not involve any sharp edges or serrated movements, resulting in a consistent and smooth surface finish on the workpiece.


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Guangzhou South CNC Machine Tools has been established for over 20 years. As a large private enterprise specializing in the production of a series of lathes, after years of sedimentation and accumulation, it has developed into a modern enterprise integrating the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of CNC machine tools. Our products include CNC lathes, flat bed economic CNC lathe machine,metal lathe machine,flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine,cnc lathe machine,CNC lathe machining center and customized machine, etc.

We have strong technical team from the state-owned large-scale machine tool production enterprises and our flexible management mechanism provides them space to give fully to play talents.The company owns gear factory, machining factory, assembly factory and CNC machine tool plant, also the heat treatment plant. Our factory will always welcome domestic and overseas clients visiting. We hope can promote and willing be strength technical cooperation with all customers.

Excellent machine performance, competitive prices, and reliable after-sales service have enabled our products to quickly sell in places such as Africa,Oceania,America.


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#  benchtop cnc lathe Parameter Information
1 Spindle bore diameter Φ82
2 Brand Name South Lathe Machine Tools
3 Place of Origin China
4 Taper of spindle bore φ90/1:2
5 Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
6 CNC or Not CNC
7 Taper of tailstock sleeve MT5
8 Main motor 7.5 KW
9 Cooler pump motor 90W
10 Export regions and countries


North Korea,Rwanda,Egypt,Colombia

11 Packing Size(cm) 217*127*238
12 Machining Capacity Medium Duty
13 Weight (KG) 1081
14 Warranty 1 Year
15 Applicable Industries Machinery Repair Shops,Power Station,Energy & Mining
16 Marketing Type New Product
17 Machinery Test Report Provided
18 Video outgoing-inspection Provided
19 Voltage 220/380V
20 After-sales Service Provided Online Support
21 Precision High Precision Machine
22 Supply Ability 18 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)


 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

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  +86 13928187729

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