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Are you looking for high-quality, durable lathe machines? There are thousands of manufacturing companies that promise to produce the best and upgraded appliances for their clients. However, hardly a few manage to keep their words. The market for lathe machine production is one of the fastest-growing markets all over the world. There are various types of lathe machines for multiple jobs. Moreover, it’s essential to find the proper lathe cutting tools for a particular job.

Things you should consider while looking for a reliable machine factory

If you are looking for a machining factory with everything you might require for your business, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, it often gets confusing for people to find a company that can provide them all the lathe cutting tools and machines they want. Here is a list of the most demanding machines

Slight Duty Slanting Bed

Slight Duty Slanting Bed is one of the most demanding CNC lathe machines. Whether it’s a 420mm swing over bed CNC lathe machine or a 500mm, a reliable factory will always be able to provide you all the varieties. All the slight-duty slanting bed CNC lathe machines come with a self-produced chunk, hydraulic chunk, and forced lubrication. As a result, these machines are not only good in performance but also make less noise.

Various slight duty slanting bed CNC lathe machines


  • 500mm swing over bed CNC lathe machine – 325mm, 350mm, 445mm, 470mm,1000mm,1500mm
  • 400mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe –750mm,
  • 420mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe – 250mm, 285mm,650mm
  • 450mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe – 280mm,450mm
  • 520mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe – 470mm, 650mm
  • 350mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe–200mm
  • 560mm Swing Over Bed CNC Lathe –1000mm

Other machines

As mentioned in the previous part, there is a vast range of lathe machines based on the type of job, and it is much more than CNC lathe machines. You can also get a heavy-duty CNC lathe machine from the same place.


If you want high-performance, low noise machines for your company without any extra charges, Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited is there for you.


Post time: 2021-08-17

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