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Advantages of CNC Lathe Machine

A CNC lathe machine inserted with Computer mathematical control is viewed as the top of the line model for its predominant usefulness and proficiency. The following points explain the five features of light, medium, and heavy-duty CNC lathe machines:

  • Speed of manufacturing

Lathe CNC is referred to for its machining speed as it can chip away at any number of workpiece materials inside a brief timeframe. Customary lathe hardware works somewhat lesser than CNC.

  • Performance is always great

Expanding the exhibition of lathe while it is in a functioning condition is exceptionally simple with CNC lathe machines. It is helpful to set the tooling choice rapidly, and we can find a few developments added to the machine’s usefulness occasionally because CNC is versatile to specialized experiences.

  • Safety and Security while operating

One of the principal attractions in CNC lathes is the accuracy gotten in machining. Each time before the machine is worked, it is extremely advantageous to set the cutting measurement. The determinations are taken care of in the PC, and the activity will occur naturally considering the orders taken care of.

  • Reduces the expense

Customary or self-loader lathe types of gear need the help of work as far as working the machine and setting the workpiece individually. A CNC lathe machine in Guangzhou, then again, doesn’t need a lot of manual help other than observing the activities on a PC.

  • Consumes less time

The administrator working with CNC lathe machining will want to diminish wastage of materials since machining accuracy is a dependable element in this machine.

Types of lathe machines developed by Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools supplies machining instruments to a few designing businesses. Taking everything into account, they supply light-duty, heavy-duty, medium-duty, and extra heavy-duty lathe machines.

What is a light-duty lathe machine?

A light-duty lathe machine is the right tooling choice for better surface completion and diverse turning imperatives. This gadget is furnished with a light lathe bed and an enormous shaft bore to turn the work part of various positions.

How Medium Duty Lathe machine turns out adequately for Engineering Industries?

It is an agreeable gadget intended to acquire more effectiveness working it. Furnished with pressure eased bed and enlistment solidified aide ways this sort of lathe suits long-haul functional requirements.

What are the advantages of a Heavy Lathe Machine?

The advantage of Heavy Lathe machines is that it has an incredible shaft plan that assists with acquiring superb machining execution. In addition, the encased feed box is one more fascination that stays viable for various string machining tasks.

What are the elements in Extra Heavy Duty Lathe?

This model is furnished with a powerfully adjusted axle. The presence of a lead screw keeps the machine parts liberated from residue and clears the way for a safe activity climate.


A lathe gadget is the most widely recognized studio machinery found in designing businesses. A CNC lathe is the most recent favoured lathe machine as it has numerous inventive provisions that assistance for better machining at a moderate venture.

Post time: 2021-11-17

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