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Swiss Lathe/CNC Automatic Lathe
The Swiss type lathe can also be called a CNC automatic lathe. It is a kind of precision processing equipment.
It has multi-functional processing capabilities such as tapping, milling, drilling, and turning, and has double spindles and double Y-axis that can be processed at the same time to reduce processing time. Mainly used for batch processing of special-shaped with non-standard parts such as precision hardware and shafts.
6-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe B038
With Guide Bush-Less
Swiss Turning Machines
200~8,000r min 6-Axis
6-Axis Swiss Lathe B0206TF-III
Desktop Lathe With Y-axis
5-Axis Swiss Lathe
with high precision high speed
6-Axis Swiss Lathe B0266A-II
with high precision
B0325 Lathe
Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools
B0126 Lathe
Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools
5-Axis Swiss Lathe
with front & back simultaneous machining
Special 5-axis Swiss lathe
for machining micro work pieces
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One-Stop Solution

Machine Selection Guidance

The machine selection should be definded by the current work piece demand such as bar diameter or maching area, and expectiing work pieces in future. 

BO series can be divided into 4 categories. Check picture:

No milling operation, micro parts less that 7mm dia, go for B07-III; 
 No milling operation, micro parts bigger that 7mm dia: bar dia less than Ø20mm, go for B012-III/B020-III, Ø32mm>bar dia>Ø20mm, go for B026-II, B032-II. If bar dia bigger than Ø32mm, go for B0385/B0385L.
Including modular tools milling operation, Ø32mm>bar dia, go for BB026-II, B032-II. If bar dia bigger than Ø32mm, go for B0385/B0385L.
If you are not clear, contact us and get instant guidance Now.

One-Stop Solution

OEM/ODM Per Request

We hope that our respected customers can make the careful and meticulous contrast and understanding of numerical control lathe configuration, and you will never regret buying the numerical control lathe which is genuine at a fair price and can reach the turning effect.

Provide your detail required machine specification per finished products, 
 After confirm the details specification, and provide the PI if we can make it. 
 Send the deposit, then prepare the material for customized machine
 Customer do inspection in the factory, after finish it then to make the balance after inspection before shipping.

Why Choose Us

provide the completed solutions for cNC machining

Our purpose of machine tool design, High-stability, high-speed and high-standard machine tool is the only purpose, and turning product surface has high quality (turning same with lighting) and cutter grain is find and smooth, reaching the state of no grain which is invisible with the naked eyes. 
More than 10+ years of experience
We have sold to 56 countries worldwide
Our factory 5000+ square meters
We have 6 technological innovation
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Advanced Machines & Skilled Workers

Our purpose of machine tool design, High-stability, high-speed and high-standard machine tool is the only purpose.
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Our clients

Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification. We provide OEM and ODM service for the customers. 

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