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Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266

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TSUGAMI B0266 model swiss type cnc lathe machine

Wide selection of Swiss type turn lathes best suited to your application

Completed BO series line-up and corresponding from 7mm to 38mm

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

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Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

Glavna uspešnost

1. Working barstock diameter Ø8~Ø26 mm
2. machining length:320mm(Direct-drive rotary guide bushing)50mm(Guide bush less)*4
3. Main spindle drillingdiameter Ø12mm
4. Main spindle tapping diameter M10mm
5. Onepiece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

Spredaj & back simultaneous machiningGuangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

Ø26mm -6axis control

Spredaj & back simultaneous machining
Back spindle
4-spindle cross rotary tool
Back rotary tool
Guide-bush-less kit Option
Direct-drive guide bushing Option
Cross rigid tap Option
Back rigid tapping Option
Number of tools
OD tool storage capacity 12
4 spindle cross-rotary 4
Spredaj Fixed 7
Rotary option
Back Fixed 4
Rotary 4
Total tool storage capacity 31(Standardno)

Tooling zoneGuangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

AppearancesGuangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

CNC machining partsGuangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

Collect chucks and guide bushing for Tsugami’s standard specification

Main spindle collect chuck 2601-1196
Back spindle collect chuck 2601-1196
Guide bushing Carrier type
Direct drive type 2621-1196


Selection of live tool (option)

Front tool post B0266-II
Rear tool post 4 spindle cross drill standard
Rear drive 3290-Y020
Double face spindle (Double heads) In conjunction with rear drive 3282-Y901
Angular spindle(Double heads) 3282-Y921
Tool spindle 3268-T051
Hobbing head 3268-Y430
Thread whirling head 3268-Y450
Multiplied tool spindle 3290-Y670
Back tool post Back drive standard
Y2 axis tool post standard
Tool spindle In conjunction with back drive 3282-Y041
Back cross tool spindle 3290-Y.41
Back tool adapter 3282-Y211(Ø25hole)
Multiplied tool spindle 3290-Y680


Glavna specifikacija

Model B0266-II





Machine capacity,

Machining range

Working bar stock diameter Ø8~Ø26 mm
Maks. machining length 320mm(Direct-drive rotary guide bushing)50mm(Guide bush less))*4
Maks. Main spindle drilling diameter Ø12mm
Maks. Main spindle tapping diameter M10
Maks. Back spindle chucking diameter Ø26
Maks. Back spindle drilling diameter Ø10
Maks. Back spindle tapping diameter M10
Maks. Cross drilling diameter Ø10mm(TO1 to TO3),Ø12(TO4)
Maks. Cross tapping diameter M6 x 1.0(TO1 to TO3),M8 x 1.25(TO4)
Maks. Tool spindle slotting cutter dia. Ø45mm
Maks. Back drilling diameter Ø8mm(Option)
Maks. Back tapping diameter M6(Option)







Main spindle speed 200-10,000 vrt / min
Back spindle speed 200 to 10000r/min
Rotary guide bushing speed 200 to 10000 vrt / min
Tool spindle speed 200 to 6000 vrt / min (option)*3 (rated speed 4800 vrt / min)
Total tool storage capacity (Standardno / Maks. : Option) 31/43
Tool size 16 mm x 16 mm x 100 mm
Rapid traverse rate 32 m / min ( X 1,Y1,Y2 :24 m / min )
Controlled axis ( linear axes ) 6-axis




Motor speed conversion



Glavno vreteno 3.7/5.5 KW
Back spindle 2.2/3.7kw
Axis X1,Y2;0.5KW Y1,Z1,X2,Z2;0.75kw
Cross drill 1.0 KW
Coolant pump 0.4 KW
Lubricating oil pump 3 W


Power supply and others

Neto teža 3500 kg
Power source requirement 21.4 kVA
Compressed air requirement 0.4 MPa or above
Air discharge rate 100 NL/min
Coolant tank capacity 180 L
Width x depth x height 2150 x 1280 x 1930


NC specifications

item B0266-II
NC unit FANUC 32i-B
Controlled axes X1, Z1, Y1,X2,Z2,C1,C2
Least input increment 0.001 mm (X1/X2 axis in diameter)
Least command increment X1,X2 axis 0.0005mm,other axes:0.001mm
Maximum programmable value ±8 digits
Interpolation method Linear , circular
Feed rate 1 to 6,000 mm / min
Feed rate override 0 to 150 % v 10% increments
Dwell G04 0 to 99999.99
ABS / INC command

X,Y,Z ,C: absolute , U, V , W,H : Incremental

Tool offset pairs 99
LCD / MDI 10.4 inches color LCD
Display language Japanese / English
Part program storage size 64 kbyte(equivalent to 80m for each path system)
Registerable programs 63 * sum of main and back spindle NCs
Miscellaneous function M5-digits
Spindle function S5-digits
Tool function T4-digits

Standardna dodatna oprema

item B0266-II
Automatic programming system
Tool height compensation
Tool life counter
Periodic maintenance screen
Main spindle adapter
Back spindle adapter
Guide bushing adapter
Door interlock
Coolant level detector
Spindle cooling unit
Standard tools
Transit clamps
4-hole drill bracket
Retractable coolant nozzle
Automatic power shut off
Front tool post: 4-spindle cross drill
Deep hole drill holder( φ25mm×2)
Automatic cut-off function/Automatic facing function
Main spindle/back spindle air purge
Cross drill air purge
Main spindle brake
C-axis control for main/back spindles
Drill holder (Single head)
Double heads drill holder(Adjustable drill holder)
Illumination light


NC standard accessories

Postavka B0266-II
Chasing function
Continuous thread cutting
Manual pulse generator
Memory card input/output interface
Back ground editing
Run time & parts number display
Custom macro
Constant surface speed control
Spindle synchronous control (rotation/phase/tracing)
Tool geometry/wear off set
Programmable data input
Chamfering & corner R
Tool nose radius compensation
HRV control
Multiple repetitive cycle
Extended program editing
Canned drilling cycle
Rigid tap (Glavno vreteno, back spindle)
Spindle speed fluctuation detection
Cut-off detection (Speed Differential type)
Manual handle retrace function
Stored stroke check 2,3
Part program storage size 64kbyte (sum of main and back spindle NCs)
Registerable programs 63(sum of main and back spindle NCs)


Ne. Postavka B0266-II
Guide busing Stationary guide bushing
Carrier type rotary guide bushing
Direct-drive guide bushing
Guide-bushing-less kit




function system


Main spindle C axis control standard
Back spindle C axis control (Brake is optional) standard
Spindle 1° index
Spindle 15° index
Main spindle brake standard
Back spindle 15° index
Back spindle 1° index
Back spindle brake
Live tool beside the back spindle
Cross drill(Modular type:1
2-spindle cross drill
3-spindle cross drill
4-spindle cross drill standard
High precision system


0.1 μm resolution
Coolant oil temperature controller
X2-axis touch switch standard


Live tools

(Rear tool post)


Rear drive
Tool spindle
Double face spindle
Angular drilling head
Thread whirling head
Hobbing head standard
Live tools

(Back tool post)


Back drive
Tool spindle
Back cross tool spindle
Back tool adapter
Coolant related


Mist collector
High pressure pump unit
M code oil blow
WAVY coolant nozzle


discharge system


Work catcher
Work conveyor
Front discharge
Rear discharge
Chip disposal Chip conveyor
Machine maintenance and

monitoring functions

Cut-off detection (Touch switch type)
Signal indicator




Tooling related


Adapter for non-round bar (main spindle)
Adapter for non-round bar (back spindle)
Collect chuck with carbide lining
Tool set gauge
Spindle liner
Drill holder







NC functions


Part program storage size 128 kbytes
Part program storage size 256 kbytes
Part program storage size 512 kbytes
Part program storage size 1 Mbyte
Number of registerabele programs expansion #1 Storage size 64 kbyte (Registerable programs: 120)
Storage size 128 kbyte (Registerable programs: 250)
Storage size 256 kbyte (Registerable programs: 500)
Storage size 512 kbyte (Registerable programs: 1000)
Direct drawing dimension program
Variable-lead thread cutting
Thread cutting cycle retract
Polar coordinate interpolation
Cylindrical interpolation
Display language


Safety and other


Coolant flow switch
Automatic fire extinguisher
Illumination lamp
Bar feeder interface
Manual handle retrace function
Live tool rigid tapping
RS232C input/output interface
Inch/metric conversion
Abnormal load detection
Correspondence for water soluble coolant


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Machine selection guidanceGuangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited B0266-Manual Lathe Machine, Economic CNC Lathe Machine,  Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machining Center

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