cez 20 roky praxe, aby sústruh na juhu Číny

CNC Lathes

  • Čo potrebujete vedieť o CNC sústruhoch?

    Light Duty Lathe is worked by rotating a workpiece on its pivot for cutting, brúsenie, disfiguring, sústruženie, boring among different capacities. The machine is fit for playing out these capacities on plastic, drevo, or metal to create balanced items. The lathe machine comprises different parts, for example, headstock, axle, bed, instrument rest, lock handle, and tail-stock. Throughout the long term,…
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  • Aké sú využitie CNC sústruhov v papierenskom a ťažobnom priemysle?

    CNC lathe machining process shifts as indicated by the ideal kind of change of the work part of a completed item. Among the kinds of studio machinery accessible, a CNC lathe machine is generally applied for a scope of machining functionalities like turning, tightening, moulding, stringing, and cutting of various materials like wood, metal, plast, a tak ďalej. Thus, it very well may…
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  • Získajte teraz najlepšie sústruhy ALPHA Heavy Duty CNC!

    ALPHA lathes are designed to give maximum torque speeds, which is usual for big metal removal while maintaining the precision expected of a machine agent lathe. ALPHA lathes' unrivaled flexibility in work keeping and tool holding allows practically any type of part to be produced with simplicity. Small batches or one-off parts can be manufactured profitably thanks to quick process…
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