Over 20 years experience to make the lathe machine in south of china

mini lathe machine for metal

Short Description:

Wide selection of turn lathes best suited to your application

Completed BO series line-up

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

Mobile machine base with ample storage space

Working barstock diameter Ø8~Ø32 mm

Main spindle drillingdiameter Ø12mm

Main spindle tapping diameter M10mm

Onepiece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

ISO9001 standard manufacturing machines

OEM design and ODM

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South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited has been established for over 20 years, mainly engaged in the production and research and development of manual lathe machine,metal lathe machine,cnc lathe machine,CNC lathe machining center and customized machine,flat bed economic CNC lathe machine,flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine. Having a strong technical team from state-owned large-scale machine tool production enterprises and a flexible management mechanism provides them with space to fully leverage their talents. At the same time, we also have a batch of new large-scale processing equipment, such as CNC grinding machine centers and grinding machines with CNC guide rails. Imported 5-axis CNC longitudinal and transverse machining centers and gear noise detection equipment from Spain.

The company has a gear factory, mechanical processing factory, assembly factory, CNC machine tool factory, as well as a heat treatment plant. The product has been exported to America,Oceania,Europe and other regions, as well as Equatorial Guinea,Romania,Lesotho,Cayman Islands,Russia and other countries. Remember that good service is the key to cooperating with customers. We strive to achieve high quality standards, offer competitive prices, and ensure timely delivery.

Product Name mini lathe machine for metal
Brand Name Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools
Place of Origin Guangzhou, China
Certification CE ISO9001
Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
CNC or Not Yes
Packaging Details WOODEN CASE
Main motor 5.5 KW
Cooler pump motor 90W
Export regions and countries


Czech Republic,Indonesia,United States of America,Martinique

Packing Size(cm) 197*154*208
Key Selling Points Low Maintenance Cost
Machining Capacity Medium Duty
Weight (KG) 7312
Warranty 1 Year
Applicable Industries Textile Machinery Industry,Energy & Mining,Manufacturing Plant
Marketing Type Hot Product
Machinery Test Report Provided
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Voltage 110/V220V/380V
After-sales Service Provided Online Support
Precision High Precision Machine
Supply Ability 11 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)

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The lathe is a very important metal cutting machine tool, occupy 30%-50% of the total number of machine tools. It is a machine tool used for turning processing. According to their different application and structures, they can be divided into various types of lathes, multi-tool semi-automatic lathe,floor lathe,automatic lathe,copied lathe,turret lathe,horizontal lathe.

Characteristics of lathe processing:
1) Lathe processing range is very wide, but it is mainly used for various internal and external rotating surfaces and the processing of its end face;
2) The main movement of lathe processing is the rotational movement of the workpiece, and the feed movement is the longitudinal and transverse movement of the tool;
3) Lathe uses cutting tools to remove materials from workpieces, with high precision and precision.
4) Smooth surface smoothness. This is because the cutting process does not involve any sharp edges or serrated movements, resulting in a consistent and smooth surface finish on the workpiece.

mini lathe machine for metal—FAQs Guide

1.As a mini lathe machine for metal manufacturer,do you have any accessories for your products?

The packaging of our exported products includes these information attachments:
1. Operating instruction manual 1 set
2. System appendix specification 1 set
3. Quality testing report 1 set
4. Packing list

2.As a mini lathe machine for metal manufacturer,what is your geographical location?

Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited locates in Guangzhou Panyu district which is in high technology developing city.It is near Guangzhou university Town, in fact just separated by one river. Reaching directly by the subway line No.4 and it is best advantage of fly landing and land transportation convenience. There is a large port nearby – Guangzhou Port.

3.What role does the lead screw play in a mini lathe machine for metal?

We have established a good reputation and reliable partnerships within the mini lathe machine for metal industry.
The lead screw in a lathe machine is used to move the carriage and cross slide along the bed of the lathe. It is driven by the spindle motor and is used to accurately position the cutting tool for machining operations. The lead screw is also used to move the tailstock along the bed of the lathe.

4.What are the limitations of a conventional mini lathe machine for metal?

Our mini lathe machine for metal products have competitive and differentiated advantages, and actively promote digital transformation and innovation.
1. Limited cutting speed: Conventional lathes have limited cutting speed, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

2. Limited cutting depth: Conventional lathes have limited cutting depth, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

3. Limited tooling options: Conventional lathes have limited tooling options, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

4. Limited accuracy: Conventional lathes have limited accuracy, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

5. Limited automation: Conventional lathes have limited automation, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

6. Limited spindle speed: Conventional lathes have limited spindle speed, which can be a limitation when machining certain materials.

What are the limitations of a conventional mini lathe machine for metal?

5.What is the significance of the carriage in a mini lathe machine for metal?

The carriage in a mini lathe machine for metal is a part of the machine that holds the cutting tool and moves it along the length of the workpiece. It is used to control the cutting speed and depth of the cut, as well as to move the cutting tool to different positions on the workpiece. The carriage is an essential part of the lathe machine, as it allows for precise and accurate cutting.

6.How is the tool changed in a quick-change toolpost on a mini lathe machine for metal?

The tool is changed by loosening the locking lever on the toolpost, sliding the toolpost to the desired position, and then tightening the locking lever. The tool is then inserted into the toolholder and secured with the appropriate clamping mechanism.

7.How is a mini lathe machine for metal different from other machining tools?

A mini lathe machine for metal is a type of machining tool that is used to shape and cut materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. It is different from other machining tools because it uses a rotating workpiece to shape the material, while other machining tools use cutting tools to shape the material. Lathes are also capable of performing a variety of operations, such as drilling, boring, and threading, while other machining tools are limited to specific operations.

8.What are the common materials that can be machined using a lathe?

Common materials that can be machined using a lathe include: aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, wood, and composites.

What are the common materials that can be machined using a lathe?

9.About the mini lathe machine for metal,do you have any certificates?

Yes, our machine is CE-compliant, and our factory is ISO 9001 accredited.

10.How does a lathe machine work?

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement to maintain a competitive advantage.
A lathe machine is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis. The workpiece is held in place by either a chuck, a faceplate, or a tailstock, which is a device that holds the end of the workpiece in place. The cutting tool is then applied to the workpiece, which is rotated at a predetermined speed. As the cutting tool moves along the workpiece, it removes material to create the desired shape. The speed of the cutting tool is adjusted to achieve the desired finish.

11.About the quality system of mini lathe machine for metal.

We make our machine and run our factory according to TO ISO9001. Process control: firstly , we do first sample inspection for our accessories made by our factory . Secondly , we do process control for our accessories. Finally we do final testing and inspection for our machine. Outside components inspections: We do inspections for every components we buy from other factory.

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