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cnc manual lathe machine

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Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited has been established for over 20 years and is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou High tech Development Zone, Guangdong Province. The factory covers an area of over 30000 square meters. The company has a gear factory, mechanical processing factory, assembly factory, CNC machine tool factory, as well as a heat treatment plant. Imported 5-axis CNC longitudinal and transverse machining centers and gear noise detection equipment from Spain. After years of development, the company can produce CNC lathes, manual lathes, etc., with an annual sales of about 10000 units. Our factory directly produces CW series conventional horizontal lathes and CAK series CNC horizontal lathes. At the same time, we can customize various specialized machine tools according to customer special requirements.

With a professional machine tool design and manufacturing team and high-level processing capabilities, our lathes have high precision, strong rigidity, beautiful appearance, high cost-effectiveness, and easy operation. Has gained the love of customers from many countries and regions around the world. For example, countries such as Asia,America,Europe and Greece,Australia,Bolivia,Mali,Bhutan,Georgia,Seychelles.

#  cnc manual lathe machine Parameter Information
1 Spindle bore diameter Φ82
2 Brand Name South Lathe Machine Tools
3 Place of Origin Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
4 Taper of spindle bore φ90/1:2
5 Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
6 CNC or Not CNC
7 Taper of tailstock sleeve MT5
8 Main motor 7.5 KW
9 Cooler pump motor 90W
10 Export regions and countries


Coral Sea Islands,Cocos (Keeling) Islands,Niger,France

11 Packing Size(cm) 158*194*221
12 Machining Capacity Medium Duty
13 Weight (KG) 3739
14 Warranty 1 Year
15 Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant,Energy & Mining,Mining Machinery plant
16 Marketing Type New Product
17 Machinery Test Report Provided
18 Video outgoing-inspection Provided
19 Voltage 220/380V
20 After-sales Service Provided Online Support
21 Precision High Precision Machine
22 Supply Ability 15 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)

 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

The basic structure of a cnc manual lathe machine consists of a bed, headstock, tailstock, carriage, and a tool post. The bed is the horizontal base of the machine that supports all the other components. The headstock is located at one end of the bed and contains the main spindle, which is responsible for rotating the workpiece.

The cnc manual lathe machine main machining performance will be as below:
a) Straight head cylindrical for the outer circle turning;
b) The outer circle turning for the elbow tool;
c) The end face turning for the elbow tool;
d) The outer circle turning for the left offset tool;
e) The end face turning for the right offset tool;
f) Cutting the groove for cutting for the cutting tool;
g) Boring tool boring;
h) Thread tool turning thread;
i) Customized tool turning for special surface

cnc manual lathe machine—FAQs Guide

1.What is the application of a machining center?

The machining center can meet various demands of parts and operations, which include drilling, milling, boring, threading and reaming. The operation of the machining center will depend on how the machine will be configured, which will be decisive for the efficiency of the machining.

2.What’s your main products of your company?

The main products of South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited include: cnc manual lathe machine, manual lathe machine, flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine, flat bed economic CNC lathe machine, slim spacing bed CNC lathe machine, metal lathe machine, CNC lathe machine center, and customized machine.

3.What are the primary operations that can be performed on a cnc manual lathe machine?

We have a first -class management team, and we pay attention to teamwork to achieve common goals.
1. Turning: This is the most common operation performed on a lathe. It involves rotating a workpiece against a cutting tool to create a cylindrical shape.

2. Facing: This operation is used to create a flat surface on the end of a workpiece.

3. Drilling: This operation is used to create a hole in the workpiece.

4. Boring: This operation is used to enlarge an existing hole in the workpiece.

5. Threading: This operation is used to create internal or external threads on the workpiece.

6. Knurling: This operation is used to create a pattern of ridges on the workpiece.

7. Parting: This operation is used to separate a workpiece into two parts.

4.What safety precautions should be followed when operating a cnc manual lathe machine?

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1. Wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses, gloves, and a face mask.
2. Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings before operating the equipment.
3. Make sure the area is clear of any obstructions or debris.
4. Ensure that the equipment is properly grounded and connected to a power source.
5. Keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.
6. Keep children and pets away from the equipment.
7. Do not operate the equipment if it is damaged or malfunctioning.
8. Disconnect the power source before performing any maintenance or repairs.
9. Do not use the equipment for any purpose other than its intended use.
10. Regularly inspect the equipment for any signs of wear or damage.

5.What are the different types of cnc manual lathe machine?

We attach importance to the innovation ability and team spirit of employees, have advanced R & D facilities and laboratories, and have a good quality management system.
1. Three-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck: This type of chuck is the most common and is used for general-purpose work. It has three jaws that move in unison to grip the workpiece.

2. Four-Jaw Independent Chuck: This type of chuck has four jaws that can be adjusted independently to grip the workpiece. It is used for more precise work and is often used for holding odd-shaped pieces.

3. Collet Chuck: This type of chuck uses a collet to grip the workpiece. It is used for very precise work and is often used for holding small parts.

4. Faceplate Chuck: This type of chuck is used for holding large and irregularly shaped pieces. It is mounted to the faceplate of the lathe and the workpiece is secured to the faceplate with bolts.

5. Magnetic Chuck: This type of chuck uses a magnetic field to hold the workpiece in place. It is used for holding ferrous materials and is often used for grinding operations.

What are the different types of cnc manual lathe machine?

6.Can a cnc manual lathe machine be used for non-cylindrical turning?

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Yes, a lathe machine can be used for non-cylindrical turning. Lathes are capable of performing a variety of operations, including turning, facing, grooving, threading, and drilling. Non-cylindrical turning operations can include tapers, angles, and contours.

7.How is the feed rate controlled in a cnc manual lathe machine?

Our mission is to provide customers with the best solutions for cnc manual lathe machine.
The feed rate in a lathe machine is typically controlled by a feed rate dial or lever. This allows the operator to adjust the speed at which the cutting tool moves along the workpiece. The feed rate can also be adjusted by changing the spindle speed.

8.What are the different types of lathe machines?

We pay attention to user experience and product quality, and provide the best product quality and lowest production cost for cooperative customers.
1. Engine Lathe: This is the most common type of lathe machine and is used for a wide variety of operations such as turning, facing, threading, and drilling.

2. Turret Lathe: This type of lathe is used for mass production and is equipped with a turret that can hold multiple cutting tools.

3. CNC Lathe: This type of lathe is computer-controlled and is used for complex operations such as contouring and threading.

4. Special-Purpose Lathe: This type of lathe is designed for specific operations such as woodturning, metal spinning, and engraving.

5. Bench Lathe: This type of lathe is small and portable and is used for light-duty operations such as hobby work.

9.How is a cnc manual lathe machine used in turning operations?

We focus on providing high cnc manual lathe machine quality products and services.
A lathe machine is used in turning operations to shape a workpiece by rotating it against a cutting tool. The cutting tool is held in a tool post and is fed into the rotating workpiece to remove material and create the desired shape. The lathe can also be used to create threads, grooves, and other features on the workpiece.

10.What role does the lead screw play in a cnc manual lathe machine?

We have established a good reputation and reliable partnerships within the cnc manual lathe machine industry.
The lead screw in a lathe machine is used to move the carriage and cross slide along the bed of the lathe. It is driven by the spindle motor and is used to accurately position the cutting tool for machining operations. The lead screw is also used to move the tailstock along the bed of the lathe.

What role does the lead screw play in a cnc manual lathe machine?

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