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CNC makîneyek ne-konvansiyonel e

CNC the team means Computer numerical control. By using CNC, you can give programmable features to a machine. CNC lathe machines likeSlight slanting CNC lathe machines allow doing many functions with minimal human control.

A CNC machine follows a coded program to process a metal piece. By using CNC Lathe, one can conduct various operations. Operations like Drilling, hûrkirin, cutting, milling, boring, tapping, threading, knurling, giving shape to a workpiece, sinking, countersinking, counterboring, etc.

Types of CNC lathe machine-:

Now we will discuss some of the lathe machines that are highly used globally.


Planting bed CNC lathe machine

YEK slightslanting bed CNC lathe machine is used for manufacturing mid-sized components such as aircraft, automobiles, glasses through lighter. This machine has a high accuracy, high-speed spindle, which gives an accurate shape to your workpiece. This type of CNC lathe machine has a 30-degree slant direction. As you know, chips are created during the machining process. In this type of CNC lathe machine, the evacuation of chips is better due to its slant bed.

Screwdriver making machine

Screwdrivers are commonly made by slanting bed CNC lathe screwdriver machines, swing over bed CNC lathe Machines. The process involved in the screwdriver making machine is cutting, turning, boring, threading.

Flatbed CNC lathe machine

In a flat bed CNC lathe machine, the bed of the CNC lathe machine is a flight that is 180-degree position. This is a noise-free CNC lathe machine. As anti-vibration pads are available, it is also vibration-free. This type of CNC lathe machine is featured in high-speed turning and related machining.

makînekirina CNC-:

By using a Lathe CNC, you can conduct many machining operations. Discuss some machining processes that can be done using a CNC lathe.


In this process, you can remove the chips of the cutting tool. In this process, one can manufacture a wide range of complex parts. The milling process includes End milling, Chamfer milling, Face milling, Drilling, Boring chamfering, etc.


In turn, the tool is brought against the rotating workpiece to cut off bits of material.


Grinding is when the materials are removed to give a high finishing touch to the workpiece.


A CNC machine is a non-conventional machine that follows program code to do machining. The CNC lathe machines are highly famous for their accuracy, as you show in the Flat bed CNC lathe machine, good finishing work. CNC lathe machines also required less manpower to work.

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