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wood turning lathe machine

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Wide selection of turn lathes best suited to your application

Completed BO series line-up

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

Mobile machine base with ample storage space

Working barstock diameter Ø8~Ø32 mm

Main spindle drillingdiameter Ø12mm

Main spindle tapping diameter M10mm

Onepiece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

ISO9001 standard manufacturing machines

OEM design and ODM

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Guangzhou South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited nemokake ing distrik Guangzhou Panyu sing ana ing kutha ngembangake teknologi tinggi. Pabrik kasebut nutupi luwih saka 30000 meter persegi. It is near to the Guangzhou university Town, nyatane mung dipisah karo siji kali. Tekan langsung karo jalur kereta bawah tanah nomer 4 lan mupangate luwih apik kanggo pendaratan mabur lan transportasi transportasi darat. Dheweke wis rampung 20 taun kanggo ngrancang lan pabrik mesin bubut manual,flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine,metal lathe machine,slight slanting bed CNC lathe machine,mini lathe machine,Pusat mesin bubut CNC lan mesin khusus kanggo kabeh pelanggan saka saindenging jagad.

Product Name wood turning lathe machine
Brand Name GuangzhouSouth Lathe Machine Tools
Place of Origin Guangzhou
Certification CE ISO9001
Core Components Motor, Bearing, Pump
CNC or Not Normal
Packaging Details WOODEN CASE
Motor utama 6.5 KW
Max. Spindle Speed (r.p.m) 350
Export regions and countries



Packing Size(cm) 221*157*253
Key Selling Points Competitive Price
Bobot (KG) 4298
Warranty 1 Year
Applicable Industries Construction works,Energy & Mining,Textile Machinery Industry
Marketing Type Ordinary Product
Machinery Test Report Provided
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Lead time (days) 15-45(To be negotiated)
After-sales Service Provided Online Support
Color Custom-made
Precision High Precision Machine
Supply Ability 19 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)

 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

The lathe is a very important metal cutting machine tool, occupy 30%-50% of the total number of machine tools. It is a machine tool used for turning processing. According to their different application and structures, they can be divided into various types of lathes, copied lathe,turret lathe,horizontal lathe,manual lathe machine,Mesin bubut CNC komputerisasi kanthi mesin sing dikontrol bola-bali nguatake bagean mesin kanthi kecepatan dhuwur lan panjaluk unik ing sistem pertambangan..

Characteristics of lathe processing:
1) Lathe processing range is very wide, but it is mainly used for various internal and external rotating surfaces and the processing of its end face;
2) The main movement of lathe processing is the rotational movement of the workpiece, and the feed movement is the longitudinal and transverse movement of the tool;
3) Lathe uses cutting tools to remove materials from workpieces, with high precision and precision.
4) Smooth surface smoothness. This is because the cutting process does not involve any sharp edges or serrated movements, resulting in a consistent and smooth surface finish on the workpiece.

wood turning lathe machineFAQs Guide

1.What does CNC machining center mean?

The CNC machining center is a machine that works through Computer Numerical Control (or CNC). Through the CNC machining center, it is possible to guarantee more agility in production (meeting delivery deadlines), have high precision and unique finish on the parts, enjoy the low demand for machinery maintenance and optimize large-scale production.

2.What are the common accessories used with a wood turning lathe machine?

We have broad development space in domestic and foreign markets. wood turning lathe machines have great advantages in terms of price, quality, and delivery date.
1. Lathe Chuck: Used to hold the workpiece in place while it is being machined.
2. Lathe Dog: Used to hold the workpiece in place while it is being machined.
3. Lathe Centers: Used to support the workpiece while it is being machined.
4. Lathe Cutters: Used to shape the workpiece.
5. Lathe Faceplate: Used to mount the workpiece to the lathe.
6. Lathe Steady Rest: Used to support the workpiece while it is being machined.
7. Lathe Follow Rest: Used to support the workpiece while it is being machined.
8. Lathe Tool Post: Used to hold the cutting tools in place.
9. Lathe Carriage: Used to move the cutting tool across the workpiece.
10. Lathe Tailstock: Used to support the workpiece while it is being machined.

3.Can a wood turning lathe machine be used for both metal and wood turning?

Yes, a lathe machine can be used for both metal and wood turning. However, the type of tooling and cutting speeds used will vary depending on the material being worked on.

Can a wood turning lathe machine be used for both metal and wood turning?

4.About the wood turning lathe machine,do you have any certificates?

Yes, our machine is CE-compliant, and our factory is ISO 9001 accredited.

5.What is high speed machining center?

The machining center with high speed technology, or high speed machining, comprises a technique used to manufacture parts from complex surfaces, enabling a high level of quality and geometry production at the same time.

6.How does a wood turning lathe machine contribute to mass production in manufacturing?

We pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, scientifically regulate the management system, and focus on cultural construction and team cohesion.
A lathe machine is a versatile tool used in manufacturing for mass production. It is used to shape and form metal and other materials into a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used to create components for a variety of products, including automotive parts, medical devices, and consumer electronics. The lathe machine is capable of producing parts with high accuracy and repeatability, making it an ideal tool for mass production. It can also be used to create complex shapes and intricate details, making it a valuable tool for creating custom parts.

How does a wood turning lathe machine contribute to mass production in manufacturing?

7.What is 5-axis machining center?

In this case, the machine moves along 5 axes: linearly along the X, Y and Z axes and rotating along the A and B axes. It allows wide coverage in the part cut, that is, the part can be cut in any direction.

8.How is a wood turning lathe machine used in turning operations?

We focus on providing high wood turning lathe machine quality products and services.
A lathe machine is used in turning operations to shape a workpiece by rotating it against a cutting tool. The cutting tool is held in a tool post and is fed into the rotating workpiece to remove material and create the desired shape. The lathe can also be used to create threads, grooves, and other features on the workpiece.

9.What’s your main products of your company?

The main products of South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited include: wood turning lathe machine, manual lathe machine, flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine, mesin bubut ekonomi ekonomi amben rata, slim spacing bed CNC lathe machine, metal lathe machine, CNC lathe machine center, and customized machine.

What's your main products of your company?

10.How is the cutting depth adjusted in a wood turning lathe machine?

The cutting depth is adjusted in a wood turning lathe machine by adjusting the tool post height. The tool post height is adjusted by turning the tool post handwheel, which moves the tool post up or down. The cutting depth is then adjusted by moving the tool post to the desired height.

11.As a wood turning lathe machine manufacturer,how long is the warranty period for your product?

Length of product warrantyone year.

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