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turner lathe machine operator

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Wide selection of turn lathes best suited to your application

Completed BO series line-up

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

Mobile machine base with ample storage space

Working barstock diameter Ø8~Ø32 mm

Main spindle drillingdiameter Ø12mm

Main spindle tapping diameter M10mm

Onepiece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

ISO9001 standard manufacturing machines

OEM design and ODM

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South Lathe Machine Tools specializes in the development and export of manual lathe machine,mesin bubut ekonomi ekonomi amben rata,metal lathe machine,flat bed heavy duty CNC lathe machine,mini lathe machine,slight slanting bed CNC lathe machine and other related products. We have strong technical capabilities, a wide variety, superior quality, reasonable prices, and fashionable designs.

We have strong technical team from the state-owned large-scale machine tool production enterprises and our flexible management mechanism provides them space to give fully to play talents. Mean while we have a number of new large-scale processing equipment, such as CNC grinding machines center, grinders with CNC guide rail. Imported 5-axis CNC vertical and horizontal machining center, which was from Spain and gear noise detection equipment etc.

SOUTH Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited can do OEM design and ODM for any customers from over the worl.

Product Name turner lathe machine operator
Brand Name GuangzhouSouth Lathe Machine Tools
Place of Origin Guangzhou, China
Certification CE ISO9001
Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
CNC or Not Yes
Packaging Details WOODEN CASE
Motor utama 5.5 KW
Motor pump adhem 90W
Export regions and countries



Packing Size(cm) 155*165*208
Key Selling Points Low Maintenance Cost
Machining Capacity Medium Duty
Bobot (KG) 6629
Warranty 1 Year
Applicable Industries Construction works,Machinery Repair Shops,Energy & Mining
Marketing Type Hot Product
Machinery Test Report Provided
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Voltage 110/V220V/380V
After-sales Service Provided Online Support
Precision High Precision Machine
Supply Ability 19 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)

 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

We design the turner lathe machine operator with simple living tools for hexagon milling and no-central hole drilling and threading. Based on this machine designing, we created another idea which is based on the simple living tools with Y-axis.
This kind of simple living tools can have functions including turning, drilling and side milling , side drilling and so on. It becomes very suitable for more and more customers , and help them save the cost and make more profit.

turner lathe machine operator is equipped with automated devices such as automatic tool changing, automatic feeding, and automatic loading and unloading, which improves production efficiency. Moreover, the operation interface is simple and easy to understand, allowing operators to easily grasp and reduce human errors.

turner lathe machine operatorFAQs Guide

1.As a turner lathe machine operator manufacturer,do you have any accessories for your products?

The packaging of our exported products includes these information attachments:
1. Manual instruksi operasi 1 atur
2. Spesifikasi apendiks sistem 1 atur
3. Laporan pengujian kualitas 1 atur
4. Dhaptar pengepakan

2.What is high speed machining center?

The machining center with high speed technology, or high speed machining, comprises a technique used to manufacture parts from complex surfaces, enabling a high level of quality and geometry production at the same time.

3.About the turner lathe machine operator,what is your lead time?

It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.Usually we can ship within 7-15 days for small quantity, and about 30 days for large quantity.

About the turner lathe machine operator,what is your lead time?

4.What are the different types of turner lathe machine operator?

We attach importance to the innovation ability and team spirit of employees, have advanced R & D facilities and laboratories, and have a good quality management system.
1. Three-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck: This type of chuck is the most common and is used for general-purpose work. It has three jaws that move in unison to grip the workpiece.

2. Four-Jaw Independent Chuck: This type of chuck has four jaws that can be adjusted independently to grip the workpiece. It is used for more precise work and is often used for holding odd-shaped pieces.

3. Collet Chuck: This type of chuck uses a collet to grip the workpiece. It is used for very precise work and is often used for holding small parts.

4. Faceplate Chuck: This type of chuck is used for holding large and irregularly shaped pieces. It is mounted to the faceplate of the lathe and the workpiece is secured to the faceplate with bolts.

5. Magnetic Chuck: This type of chuck uses a magnetic field to hold the workpiece in place. It is used for holding ferrous materials and is often used for grinding operations.

5.How is the cutting tool secured in a turner lathe machine operator?

We focus on teamwork and communication to achieve common goals, We attach great importance to this detail.
The cutting tool is typically secured in a lathe machine by a tool holder, which is clamped into the tool post. The tool holder is designed to hold the cutting tool securely in place while the lathe is in operation.

6.What are the different types of lathe machines?

We pay attention to user experience and product quality, and provide the best product quality and lowest production cost for cooperative customers.
1. Engine Lathe: This is the most common type of lathe machine and is used for a wide variety of operations such as turning, facing, threading, and drilling.

2. Turret Lathe: This type of lathe is used for mass production and is equipped with a turret that can hold multiple cutting tools.

3. CNC Lathe: This type of lathe is computer-controlled and is used for complex operations such as contouring and threading.

4. Special-Purpose Lathe: This type of lathe is designed for specific operations such as woodturning, metal spinning, and engraving.

5. Bench Lathe: This type of lathe is small and portable and is used for light-duty operations such as hobby work.

What are the different types of lathe machines?

7.Can a turner lathe machine operator be used for thread cutting?

Yes, a lathe machine can be used for thread cutting. Thread cutting is a machining process that uses a lathe to cut threads into a workpiece. The process involves using a cutting tool to cut a helical groove into the workpiece, which is then followed by a second tool to form the thread.

8.How is the cutting depth adjusted in a turner lathe machine operator?

The cutting depth is adjusted in a turner lathe machine operator by adjusting the tool post height. The tool post height is adjusted by turning the tool post handwheel, which moves the tool post up or down. The cutting depth is then adjusted by moving the tool post to the desired height.

9.How is the tool post adjusted in a turner lathe machine operator?

We continue to improve turner lathe machine operator products and processes to improve efficiency.
The tool post on a lathe machine is adjusted by loosening the clamping bolts and sliding the tool post to the desired position. Once the tool post is in the desired position, the clamping bolts should be tightened to secure the tool post in place.

How is the tool post adjusted in a turner lathe machine operator?

10.What are the steps involved in setting up a workpiece on a turner lathe machine operator?

We operate our turner lathe machine operator business with integrity and honesty.
1. Select the correct tooling for the job.
2. Secure the workpiece in the lathe chuck or collet.
3. Set the cutting speed and feed rate.
4. Set the cutting depth and tool height.
5. Set the tool offset.
6. Set the spindle speed.
7. Set the coolant flow rate.
8. Start the machine and check for proper operation.
9. Make a test cut to check the setup.
10. Make the necessary adjustments and begin machining.

11.What is a machining center?

The machining center is a machine tool used to meet the needs of production and molding of parts. One of the great differentials of the machining center is its ability to perform different functions without the need to replace or change workpieces during the procedure.

12.What is the minimum order quantity for turner lathe machine operator?

1 atur .(Only some low cost machines will be more than 1 atur )

What is the minimum order quantity for turner lathe machine operator?

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