Felett 20 éves tapasztalat, hogy a esztergagép Dél-Kína

cnc lathe machine

  • A könnyű eszterga cseréje a nagy teherbírású esztergagépre

    A lathe is a fundamental studio instrument that has been utilized to gain particular machining tasks like shearing or cutting, entering, knurling, and some more. It has been utilized as a multi-reason, for example, for straightforward activity and convincing execution. It has fundamentally been used for shearing and infiltrating things. More About Lathe It is a machine that aids in eliminating metals…
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  • Válassza az Eszterga eszközt hengeres darabok készítéséhez

    For parts that have cylindrical characteristics, using a lathe may be the best solution. Once there was nothing simpler: the round pieces were made with lathes and the others were machined with milling machines. With the advent of CNC machining centers , which allow for easy insertion of round elements, the boundary line between the two processes has begun to…
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