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samsung cnc lathe machine

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Wide selection of turn lathes best suited to your application

Completed BO series line-up

Enhanced variation and rich options cover diversified workpieces

Mobile machine base with ample storage space

Working barstock diameter Ø8~Ø32 mm

Main spindle drillingdiameter Ø12mm

Main spindle tapping diameter M10mm

Onepiece casting base and slanting bed keep good stable machine performance

ISO9001 standard manufacturing machines

OEM design and ODM

Pojedinosti o proizvodu

proizvoda Oznake

South Lathe Machine Tools Company Limited created in 1984, firstly to machine the casting base and metal accessories and so on in early during beginning business. And later we did assemble the manual lathe machine and test it and sell it. After we did more and more manual lathe machine, we have strong design team and enough experience, then we made the assembly for CNC flat bed heavy duty lathe machine. Ovih dana, the slanting bed is more popular and more popular, so we also develop this kind of lathe machine and CNC machining center in order to meet customer requirement.

For customers who purchase our samsung cnc lathe machine, we will send 2 engineers to guide installation, debugging, and trial operation until the equipment is running normally for production. We will respond to any questions raised by the buyer within 48 hours. We provide long-term free equipment maintenance guidance and one week of free training for technical workers in China.

Product Name samsung cnc lathe machine
Brand Name GuangzhouSouth Lathe Machine Tools
Place of Origin Guangzhou, Kina
Certification CE ISO9001
Core Components Bearing, Motor, Pump
CNC or Not Yes
Packaging Details WOODEN CASE
glavni motor 5.5 KW
Motor hladnjak pumpa 90W
Export regions and countries


Philippines,Turks and Caicos Islands,Lebanon,Northern Mariana Islands

Packing Size(cm) 245*126*241
Key Selling Points Low Maintenance Cost
Machining Capacity Medium Duty
Težina (KG) 2406
Warranty 1 Year
Applicable Industries Construction works,Energy & Mining,Machinery Repair Shops
Marketing Type Hot Product
Machinery Test Report Provided
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Voltage 110/V220V/380V
After-sales Service Provided Online Support
Precision High Precision Machine
Supply Ability 14 Set/Sets per Month(Based on specific circumstances)

 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

The lathe is a very important metal cutting machine tool, occupy 30%-50% of the total number of machine tools. It is a machine tool used for turning processing. According to their different application and structures, they can be divided into various types of lathes, horizontal lathe,multi-tool semi-automatic lathe,copied lathe,manual lathe machine,turret lathe,floor lathe.

Characteristics of lathe processing:
1) Lathe processing range is very wide, but it is mainly used for various internal and external rotating surfaces and the processing of its end face;
2) The main movement of lathe processing is the rotational movement of the workpiece, and the feed movement is the longitudinal and transverse movement of the tool;
3) Lathe uses cutting tools to remove materials from workpieces, with high precision and precision.
4) Smooth surface smoothness. This is because the cutting process does not involve any sharp edges or serrated movements, resulting in a consistent and smooth surface finish on the workpiece.

samsung cnc lathe machineFAQs Guide

1.Što je obradni centar velike brzine?

Obradni centar s tehnologijom velike brzine, ili obrada velikom brzinom, obuhvaća tehniku ​​koja se koristi za izradu dijelova od složenih površina, omogućujući visoku razinu kvalitete i geometrijske proizvodnje u isto vrijeme.

2.What are the common materials that can be machined using a lathe?

Common materials that can be machined using a lathe include: aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium, plastične, drvo, and composites.

What are the common materials that can be machined using a lathe?

3.Što znači CNC obradni centar?

CNC obradni centar je stroj koji radi pomoću računalnog numeričkog upravljanja (ili CNC). Kroz CNC obradni centar, moguće je jamčiti veću agilnost u proizvodnji (poštivanje rokova isporuke), imaju visoku preciznost i jedinstvenu završnu obradu dijelova, uživati ​​u niskoj potražnji za održavanjem strojeva i optimizirati proizvodnju velikih razmjera.

4.Što je 5-osni obradni centar?

U ovom slučaju, stroj se pomiče 5 sjekire: linearno duž X, Y i Z osi i rotirajući duž A i B osi. Omogućuje široku pokrivenost u dijelu izreza, to je, dio se može rezati u bilo kojem smjeru.

What is 5-axis machining center?

5.How does a samsung cnc lathe machine contribute to mass production in manufacturing?

We pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, scientifically regulate the management system, and focus on cultural construction and team cohesion.
A lathe machine is a versatile tool used in manufacturing for mass production. It is used to shape and form metal and other materials into a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used to create components for a variety of products, including automotive parts, medical devices, and consumer electronics. The lathe machine is capable of producing parts with high accuracy and repeatability, making it an ideal tool for mass production. It can also be used to create complex shapes and intricate details, making it a valuable tool for creating custom parts.

6.How is the cutting depth adjusted in a samsung cnc lathe machine?

The cutting depth is adjusted in a samsung cnc lathe machine by adjusting the tool post height. The tool post height is adjusted by turning the tool post handwheel, which moves the tool post up or down. The cutting depth is then adjusted by moving the tool post to the desired height.

How is the cutting depth adjusted in a samsung cnc lathe machine?

7.Can a samsung cnc lathe machine be used for non-cylindrical turning?

We should have a stable supply chain and logistics capabilities, and provide customers with high -quality, low -priced samsung cnc lathe machine products.
Yes, a lathe machine can be used for non-cylindrical turning. Lathes are capable of performing a variety of operations, including turning, facing, grooving, CNC tim znači Računalno numeričko upravljanje, and drilling. Non-cylindrical turning operations can include tapers, angles, and contours.

8.How is the tool post adjusted in a samsung cnc lathe machine?

We continue to improve samsung cnc lathe machine products and processes to improve efficiency.
The tool post on a lathe machine is adjusted by loosening the clamping bolts and sliding the tool post to the desired position. Once the tool post is in the desired position, the clamping bolts should be tightened to secure the tool post in place.

How is the tool post adjusted in a samsung cnc lathe machine?

9.Koja je primjena obradnog centra?

Obradni centar može zadovoljiti različite zahtjeve dijelova i operacija, koji uključuju bušenje, CNC tim znači Računalno numeričko upravljanje, CNC tim znači Računalno numeričko upravljanje, narezivanje navoja i razvrtanje. Rad obradnog centra ovisit će o tome kako će stroj biti konfiguriran, što će biti odlučujuće za učinkovitost obrade.

10.Can we go to your factory and learn how to use the samsung cnc lathe machine?

Yes, we warmly welcome you to visit and learn from our factory.

Can we go to your factory and learn how to use the samsung cnc lathe machine?

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