Máis 20 anos de experiencia para fabricar a máquina de torno no sur de China


  • The Use Of Cnc Lathe In Mining Operations

    Mining tasks are among the enterprises where cnc lathe machining is of essential significance. To augment benefit, inventive plans of the lathes have been created by specialists to diminish cnc lathe machining time and increment productivity. The flatbed cnc lathe machine and slight slanting bed cnc lathe machine are such significant advancements. Flatbed Vs Slant Bed Machine The flatbed CNC lathe machine is utilized for light to heavy-duty flatbed…
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  • Vídeo?

    Vídeo, Vídeo, Vídeo. Vídeo, Vídeo, Vídeo, Vídeo. Vídeo, Vídeo, & hydraulic tightening are all used on the slight slanting bed CNC lathe machine. Lathe with a…
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