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Static tool holder BMT55S-25-EST

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Company advantage
1. special manufacturer for tool holders
2. like standard and customized tool holder, customized for DMG/MORI/DOOSAN/HAAS/MAZAK/BIGLIA/MIYANO/NAKAMURA/TISUGAMI/TAKISAWA etc.
3. It is over 10 years for this industry prodcuts.


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Products advantages:
Best quality / conomical / longer tool-life / lower cost possible

Collect trype : static tool holder
Collect dimater : 25×25
Wight : 3.5 kg
Plane run-out less than 0.005mm
Precision : inner collect hole run-out less than 0.01mm
With coolant supply through the tool holder

Tuote: static boring tool holder
Process Type: CNC machining, CNC lathe, cleaning edge, grinding, surface treatment, coloring.etc.
Materiaali: Cr, CrMo or other Imported or China domestic standard specified material.
Tolerance: +-0.01mm as per requirement or customized reqiurement
Surface treatment: Spray, Polishing, Powder coating and Electroplating,other customer specified treatment.
Facility: DMG CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning Machine, CNC Vertical lathe, 4-Axis CNC Machine, Grinding machine and so on
Certificates: Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports, other customer required certificates are available to provide.
laivaus: Sample 5~10days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, lentorahti jne.

Production 15 days about

Toimitus & Palvelu: Nopea toimitus joka kerta. Tarjoa luotettavaa palvelua ja vastaa jokaisesta asiakkaasta jokaisessa tuotteessa. Tavoitteenamme on tyydyttää jokainen asiakas parhaalla palvelulla.

All prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:
1. Raw material inspection
2. Käsittelyn tarkastuksessa
3. Viimeinen tarkastus
4. Outgoing inspection

Q: How to start a project?
A: To start your project, please send us the design drawings with a list of material, qu

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