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  • Q: Was ist die Anwendung eines Bearbeitungszentrums??


    The machining center can meet various demands of parts and operations, which include drilling, CNC das Team bedeutet Computer Numerical Control, CNC das Team bedeutet Computer Numerical Control, threading and reaming. The operation of the machining center will depend on how the machine will be configured, which will be decisive for the efficiency of the machining.

  • Q: What does CNC machining center mean?


    The CNC machining center is a machine that works through Computer Numerical Control (or CNC). Through the CNC machining center, it is possible to guarantee more agility in production (meeting delivery deadlines), have high precision and unique finish on the parts, enjoy the low demand for machinery maintenance and optimize large-scale production.

  • Q: What is 5-axis machining center?


    In this case, the machine moves along 5 axes: linearly along the X, Y and Z axes and rotating along the A and B axes. It allows wide coverage in the part cut, that is, the part can be cut in any direction.

  • Q: Was ist ein Hochgeschwindigkeits-Bearbeitungszentrum??


    Das Bearbeitungszentrum mit Hochgeschwindigkeitstechnologie, oder Hochgeschwindigkeitsbearbeitung, umfasst eine Technik zur Herstellung von Teilen aus komplexen Oberflächen, Dies ermöglicht gleichzeitig ein hohes Maß an Qualität und Geometrieproduktion.

  • Q: What is horizontal machining center?


    In the horizontal machining center, the rotary cutting tool is attached to a horizontally oriented head. In this case, the rotating head is parallel to the ground and accesses the parts from the sides, enabling better chip evacuation, making some processes more viable and reducing the idle time of the machine.

  • Q: What is a vertical machining center?


    A vertical machining center is a type of machining center that specifically has a rotating cutting tool attached to a vertically oriented head. It is widely used in factories and industries of metal parts in general, being easy to use and practical to handle.

  • Q: What is a machining center?


    The machining center is a machine tool used to meet the needs of production and molding of parts. One of the great differentials of the machining center is its ability to perform different functions without the need to replace or change workpieces during the procedure.

  • Q: Wie wir einen Prototypen herstellen?


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